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Stay refreshed with an air conditioning service in Havant

Let Larchwood Service Centre conduct vital air conditioning servicing, allowing you to remain cool on the roads this summer. Our mechanics are highly experienced to conduct vital servicing to ensure that your system runs to its full capacity. This service is essential in remaining cool behind the wheel and is not included in a regular vehicle servicing.

Remaining cool behind the wheel in the summer months is a great way to stay refreshed and alert, our team are able to not just conduct vital air conditioning servicing but also carry out an important antibacterial cleaning.

Keeping your refrigerant topped up

Recommended to be conducted every two years, an air conditioning service guarantees that your system is running smoothly and producing enough cool air to keep you refreshed.

Over time and especially during winter when the system is switched off and not in use, 20% of vital refrigerant gas and lubricant will escape through the vents and reduce the effectiveness of the system. Our mechanics will rejuvenate this vital gases and make sure that your system is running as smoothly as possible.

If you are aware that your system is struggling to run properly and choose to ignore this fault, it can cost the driver more money in the long run. By running an air conditioning system that is struggling to generate enough power, the engine has to work twice as hard to power the vehicle and will result in more petrol being used.

Top of the range air conditioning equipment

We have the latest equipment in air conditioning servicing, helping us to diagnose and detect leaks within the system quickly and accurately. We can find leaks or blockages in the system quicker than ever before, providing fast turnaround times for your air conditioning service.

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How do I know I need an air conditioning service?

Recommended to take place every two years, many vehicle manufacturers fail to tell owners that they need to book their vehicle in for a service to receive maximum results.

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning as standard, yet your air conditioning isn’t included in a car service. However, there are signs that make it apparent that a service is required if you’re not sure.

If your air condition is rarely in use noticing these symptoms that represent a struggling air conditioning system may seem harder to detect. By being aware of a system that is slow and struggling to power or a funny smell that is being released through the air vents, could allow you to quickly receive the treatment needed to restore the system to its full capacity.

Your car’s air conditioning service

When you book your air conditioning in for a service at our garage in Havant, you can be sure that all the vital gases are restored but also by an anti-bacterial treatment being conducted, any bacteria or fungi that grow on the moist vents and released when the system is on, will be removed.

By removing any bacteria that is growing within the system you can illuminate any strange smells and be confident that only clean air is being released, this can reduce any health implications to passengers. Our mechanics will also inspect all vital parts within your vehicle’s air conditioning system and if any faulty parts are discovered, they will work with your permission to restore and replace such parts.

Quality parts and recycling

If a replacement part is needed, you can be sure that at Larchwood Service Centre, we use only authentic and genuine parts or equivalent that we purchase from respected dealers, so that all our work is completed to the highest standard. We always recycle old gas, making sure that we’re doing our bit for the environment.

Don’t waste time and save yourself money in the long run by booking your vehicle in for a much-needed air conditioning service. By allowing our highly trained and experienced mechanics to conduct this vital service, you can be confident that you will remain cool on the roads this summer.

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