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Finding the fault with a car diagnostic test

Larchwood Service Centre provides engine diagnostic testing and fault code reading at our garage for customers who are unsure what’s wrong with their car. Sometimes a fault can occur with your vehicle but the source of the fault may seem difficult to locate.

Perhaps an unknown symbol has appeared on your vehicle’s dashboard and you are unable to diagnose the meaning behind the symbol or find the fault as to why the symbol has appeared.

Fixing warning lights and resolving faults

At Larchwood Service Centre, our mechanics are here to help with all your diagnostic uncertainties and work to quickly and efficiently resolve the fault that is occurring. Using the latest data diagnostic equipment our team can accurately locate the fault by connecting to the vehicle’s computer and discovering the exact reason of the issue.

Along with reading the built-in computer to discover the fault, by conducting a diagnostic testing, your vehicles computer will be wiped clean so that the icon appearing on your dashboard will no longer be highlighted.

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Save money by getting problems fixed

If you have every experienced a symbol appearing on your vehicle’s dashboard, you will be aware of the stress and uncertainty of what the symbol could mean. Often, when these lights pop up on the dashboard, it’s a small issue that needs to be fixed. Each warning light could be potentially any number of issues.

Taking your car to a reliable garage for engine diagnostics ensures that any problems are found and detected before causing further damage. It’s best to get them checked out straight away so that the problem doesn’t worsen and any leaking fluids don’t affect or erode other parts of your engine bay.

The latest equipment finding faults quicker than ever before

Along with being able to quickly find the fault with a diagnostic test, by getting straight to the heart of the car, you can be positive that any fault no matter how hidden will be discovered.

By finding the fault quickly, work can begin to work to fix the fault, saving you time and money in the long run.

Finding the fault early on can prevent larger damage from occurring and stopping the damage from expanding and creating a much larger repair bill in the future. With a data diagnostic test taking up to 30 seconds, there really is no excuse to not complete one when required, as you can be sure that your vehicle is running to its full potential and fault free.

Book engine diagnostics online easily

By booking your vehicle in for a data diagnostics test you can find and fix the fault quickly, helping to save you unnecessary time spent manually searching for the fault and money wasted on unneeded repair bills. You can book a diagnostic test online using our booking tool. With authentic, high-quality parts used in every repair that we conduct on your behalf, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands.

If you are experiencing an unknown symbol on your vehicle’s dashboard or are wanting to speak to our highly trained mechanics about a fault that is affecting the overall running of your vehicle, then contact our mechanics at Larchwood Service Centre or book online 24/7.

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