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Restoring your vehicle to its prime condition

Not only do we provide car servicing and arrange MOT tests, we offer a wide range of repairs for our customers. We provide replacement tyres and fitting, exhaust system repairs and replacements, brake repairs including discs and pads, new batteries and suspension repairs. No matter what the issue is with your vehicle, our experienced mechanics can conduct quality and professional vehicle repairs on a range of makes and models of cars.

Most repair work is needed for repairing and replacing vital key elements such as the brakes, clutch or cam belt which can wear through age and daily driving. We follow manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines on what components to change and when, whilst also using our experience and training to determine a tailored repair programme for your car or van.

Replacement parts guaranteed

While conducting vital repair work to your vehicle, our mechanics may recommend that certain parts are replaced to guarantee that your vehicle can run to its full capacity. When recommending that a worn and damaged part is to be replaced, we will order only authentic and genuine parts from respected dealers or equivalent manufacturer quality, so our customers can feel relieved that they are receiving the highest quality of service around. All our parts and labour come with a guarantee too!

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Clutch and brake repairs

With vital elements of your vehicle wearing over time, your vehicle’s clutch and brakes are two key components that need to be checked frequently and replaced when showing signs of wear. Your vehicle’s clutch allows you to control the movement of your vehicle and to move up and down the gears. Without the clutch in working condition, driving will become difficult and potentially dangerous.

Similarly, your brakes need to be in prime condition in order to remain safe on the roads. If you think that your brakes are worn and need to have replacement parts, contact us today. We provide replacement brake pads, discs, shoes and calipers for customers who need them.

If you are aware that your vehicle’s clutch or brakes have worn, it is advised that you receive expert advice and begin work to fix the fault. Driving on broken components can lead to substantial damage to your vehicle and can cost the driver a larger amount money in repairs bills. Getting your vehicle checked out before the problem gets worse can save you money and time spent away from your car getting repairs.

Keep your vehicle safe on the roads

Our mechanics pride themselves on offering an exceptional, quality service to customers in the Havant area. Taking the safety and well-being of our customers extremely seriously, our team will go the extra mile and offer top advice to ensure that your vehicle is in the safest condition possible.

Whether you are wanting to repair your vehicle’s clutch or exhaust, suspension repairs, windscreens, new tyres or more, our team are on hand and waiting to examine your vehicle and prepare any necessary repair work to the highest standard.

Don’t waste any more time and start putting your safety first, get in contact with our experienced team at Larchwood Service Centre today.

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